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In a survey in Ireland of nearly 2000 adults, more than one in 10 people reported having trouble controlling their anger, with more than one in 4 worried about how angry they sometimes feel.  

Anger - nationwide

Learn to manage anger before it destroys you.

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a picture of a man with his head in his hands showing signs of anger

Understanding anger

Distressing, inappropriate and often violent expressions of frustration and rage are on the increase. This can lead to ill health, stress, misery and sometimes even injury and death.


Anger like all emotions is a tool given to us by nature. It is neither good or bad in itself. It is how we use it that needs looking at. Some of us get angry with others or some of us are angry with ourselves. Anger can destroy you and your relationships.

Anger management

The best way to help yourself and others is to understand triggers and behaviour patterns of anger and to learn effective techniques for defusing and coping with aggressive situations.

Inappropriate anger is affecting our lives at home, at work and in school. Learn how to help yourself and others.


Learn strategies and techniques to manage anger before anger destroys you and your family.



"How much trouble could I have avoided in my life if I'd gone for anger management sooner."    

- Peter, Banbridge